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Today as you know, the Ninja boom has spread all over the world. The phenomenon itself is good because a lot of people can enjoy unusual feeling through Ninja. However the the image of Ninja and Ninjutsu which is the techniques of Ninja given to general people at the result of the Ninja popularity, is not necessarily correct. Some people really believe Ninja is like something fabulous. But we are sure that there are many persons who hope to know the reality of Ninja. And we are eager to send right information about Ninja and Ninjutsu. This site is for all such people on the earth. What we want to do is to define the real state of Ninja and Ninjutsu. Now, information about Ninja is filled in the world, but something credible is not so many.
We describe articles about Ninja and Ninjutsu as much as correct and interesting. We collect sources about those from trustworthy documents and make them amusing reports. It is the greatest pleasure of us that you got much more interest to Ninja and Ninjutsu by means of reading our articles. We are going to travel to know the truth of Ninja.