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Being Hired as a Ninja for a Job

Job offer as a ninja

In 2014 in March at the Japanese public employment security office in Nagoya, which is the third biggest metropolis in Japan, such a job offer was listed. " We are seeking ninjas " . You may be surprised at this news because as you probably know, real ninjas do not exist in Japan today. Of course, the advertiser of this job did not really want ninjas for an assassination or espionage. The client of this item was a company engaging in some Further Education Schools like languages, calligraphy, and preschool education. Ninjas were required as tutors.
The conditions of this job were quite interesting. Letfs have a look at them.

The contents of the job as a ninja

A Ninja class for children

A Ninja class for children

The employment status of this job is a part time job but this is a professional service. The working time was more than one hour from 10:00 ` 20:00. The worker had to be engaged at least one day a week. The salary was hourly and it was 900 ` 2000 Japanese Yen ( 100 yen corresponds to about one U.S. dollar ). As allowances, the black costume and the scroll of secret were given to the ninja worker.
According to this advertisement, inexperienced ninjas would be accepted and applicants would receive training. The content of this job is to teach ninjutsu to children. The salary of this job is quite good. Above all, applicants are taught ninjutsu for free! The person in charge of this job said that " The most important thing was the moral sense not to abuse ninjutsu. I want people with the right mind ". What was taught in the lessons was " How ninjas invaded the hostile mansions" , or " Ninjas couldnft let anyone know what they were ninjas so in such as case, they would pretend to be sick. h . The purpose of the class was to cultivate the thinking ability of children by means of reading ancient ninjutsu manuals.
This was a very good chance if you wanted to be a ninja!

Ninja job in Iga

We found a case of ninja recruitment in Iga - which is the hometown of ninja. It was in July 2013. It was for a full time job with health insurance and welfare. The ninja worker could have two days off a week and his wage was also 900 Japanese yen for per hour which worked out as 146,475 yen a month. The job itself was a kind of a P.R job and the employer was Iga - Ueno tourism association. According to the producer of this project, this position became possible due to the recession and depopulation so often job offers can be sudden and urgent. The ninja worker had to always wear a ninja costume and he would staple P.R material at some places like service areas on highways. He had to explain important information events such as the Shuriken experiment. Although the ninja worker couldnft necessarily be a real ninja, it seems enough to enjoy the feeling of being a ninja in this job.

Ninja school in Bolivia

A Ninja in meditation

A Ninja

in meditation

Though it is true that real ninjas do not exist any more, there are some people whose job is to teach ninjutsu all over the world. In Bolivia - which is a country located in South America - there exists a famous ninja dojo. The name of the well-known instructor of the dojo is Juan Pablo Penyarosa-Bureteru, aged 25. He began to learn ninjutsu when he was 16 years old. Juan Pablo started to go to a local ninja dojo, which had been built by an emigrant Japanese person. He has trained ninjutsu regularly everyday and he says that " ninjutsu is the art of living " . His dojo is located in Villa Copacabana and this school is open for anyone regardless of age and sex. Juan Pablo majored in linguistics in a college, but he could not find a job using his major. Then fortunately, he could have the option to select to be a ninjutsu instructor as his job.
In his dojo, disciples are ranked by the colors of belt they wear. They are white, red, purple, brown and black. The basic trainings are to learn some arts to throw and suppress an opponent, and to master the skill to know and use the fatal points of an enemy. After that, students practice acrobatics and somersaults. Further to this, upper level practitioners are permitted to fight with weapons. This school has shinais - a bamboo sword -, short swords, spears, nunchakus, shurikens, and even bows and arrows.
The essence of a ninja consists in concealment and stealth. This dojo holds combat simulations in the forest to train the stealth ability of students. In almost all trainings of ninjutsu, the physical and militant abilities are valued but what attracts Juan Pablo is the spiritual aspect. He believes that ninjutsu is not for making man a combat machine but rather making man a superior person. For that reason, meditation is taught and the connection between people and nature is valued in his dojo. Juan Pablo insists that the effect of being a ninja is ultimately being able to be happy. His ideal is the opposite of the image of ninjas which is a cold blooded assassin. In interviews from students of the school, all students emphasized the rise in their quality of life so much. One said that he became able to control his passion. Another said that he used to have a problem with drugs and alcohol but ninjutsu resolved these troubles. Some graduates got jobs in the special armies in Brazil and Peru.
Actually, as described in the article " The rule of the ninja " , bring a ninja demands the strongest morals and sense of self-control because his missions are always something dark and bloody. Ninjutsu makes man both a cold blooded killer and a person of character in accordance with the way of learning it.