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Ninja Restaurants and Cafes

Ninja restaurants are kinds of ninja theme parks

At present, as you know, ninja culture is not hiding in the shadows anymore, far from that, it is the subject of entertainment and extremely popular. There are a lot of ninja theme parks all over the world and in such amusement places, there are restaurants and cafes.
Maybe you can soon understand how pleasant it is to have a meal in a restaurant and cafe with ninjas. Well, what kind of ninja restaurants and cafes are there actually? Letfs find out!


Ninja Akasaka

Among all the ninja restaurants, the most famous one is " Ninja Akasaka " Akasaka is the name of the place which is at the center of Tokyo. Inside of this restaurant it is dim and the construction of both the interior and exterior of Ninja Akasaka is like that of a ninjafs house. It has the ancient fashioned design of a Japanese building and a small waterfall and five tiny ponds can be found in this restaurant. The foods on the menu of this restaurant are quite familiar. Customers can order Sushi, Sashimi, salads, meat and fish dishes and some courses. The prices of dishes are not so expensive. For instance, " Kunoichi course " costs 5,500 Japanese yen and the highest price course " Hideyoshi " is 20,000 Yen. 100 Yen corresponds to about one U.S. dollar. Needless to say, single item dishes are much cheaper. For example, Negimaguro (leek and tuna) Sushi is 1,300 yen and ninja salad is 800 Yen.
All of the waiters and waitresses in this restaurant wear ninja or female ninja kunoichi costumes. Customers are taken to a simple and quiet room and enjoy a meal there while relaxing. In Ninja Akasaka, people can enjoy parties, events and receptions. This restaurant is especially popular among foreign tourists and a lot of celebrities have visited there like the prime minister of Japan and famous musicians. Ninja Akasaka has received interviews from the media in Japan and from overseas many times. Of course, some staff can speak English.
Information about Ninja Akasaka is below.


Ninja Kyoto

Kyoto is the city which was the capital of Japan for more than 1,000 years until the modern period. Of course, in the heyday of ninjas, Kyoto was the center of Japan. In this city, there is a restaurant which attracts customers with its ninja events. The name of the restaurant is " Ninja Kyoto ". The specialty of Ninja Kyoto is the dining theater which takes place every day except for Wednesday. The Ninja show expresses the acrobatic dance, wired action battle and ninjutsu entertainment. Customers can enjoy the show while having a meal. The name of the acrobat team is Ninjutsu Sajiki.
This restaurant presents such a rich array of menus that patrons are able to enjoy a wide variety of cuisines such as Japanese dishes, French, Italian, Chinese, and Sushi. Compared to Ninja Akasaka, the prices of dishes are cheaper. The lowest price course costs only 2,700 Yen. The highest price course is 8,000 Yen. Above all, customers can enjoy shabu - shabu buffet at a price 2,100 - 4,000 Yen. Further, as many types of sweets are prepared with a ninja slant to them, their attractive look and delicious taste mean children love this restaurant too!


Ninja New York

Ninja restaurants are not just found in Japan. The most famous one outside Japan is" Ninja New York " . The characteristic of this restaurant is that the Japanese - taste is preserved in many respects. Of course, the structure of the shop and menus are something akin to ancient Japan but not only that, the beers this restaurant serves are also made in Japan. As the owner of Ninja New York is Japanese so the owner must have thought that the service should be that way. This restaurant sells ninja goods too.


Ninja cafe Shinobazu

In most countries, there arenft many ninja cafes but there are quite a few in Japan. They are almost an extension of internet cafes. Customers enjoy these cafes and pay to stay and relax. The receptionists are all waitresses who disguise themselves as kunoichis. These cafes often hold events and they are liked by the customers.
Something interesting is that such a cafe exists in Akihabara. As you may know, Akihabara is a famous place in Tokyo famous for its gatherings of subcultures like anime, cosplay making it a mecca of otaku or enthusiast culture. It is also famous that Akihabara is the birthplace of maid cafes. Ninja cafes are a variation of maid cafes.
The name of the cafe is " Shinobazu ". You can enjoy service from kunoichis there. The price system is that at first customers have to order at least one drink and the cost to stay is 100 yen for the first 30 minutes so this is never too expensive.