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Associations for Enjoying Ninjas

Ninja is also a subject to enjoy

We have seen ninjas and ninjutsu comparatively as something to research so far. But of course, it is OK if we just enjoy ninjas and there are some associations for that purpose. In almost cases, such groups exist in Japan. This is so natural because firstly, ninjas and ninjutsu are legacies belonging only to Japan. Secondly, as Japan is an island nation far from other countries, foreign people cannot visit and experience relics of ninjas so easily. There are some ninja associations setup just for the enjoyment factor in Japan and they do various interesting activities. Even if you cannot come to Japan, we want you to enjoy the contents of this article. Letfs go a little deeper.



There is a certain association for ninja's publicity. It is called "Kurondo (•“}) " , which means in Japanese "The Team Black" . There are many contents of activities of Kurondo. Firstly, the purpose of this association is " to transmit the correct image of ninjas and ninjutsu through many events " . In this respect, Kurondo looks like the " ninja action group Ashura (ˆ’C—…) " already introduced in another article. The address and email address of Kurondo's office is below.



§634-0007@Nara Kashihara Kuzumoto cho 534-7 Iga Ryu Ninja Shudan - Kurondo


The founder of Kurondo is Mr. Kuroi, Hiromitsu , who has published a lot of books about ninjaa. In passing, some of his books are the source of this site. After graduation from college, Mr. Kuroi became a pupil of Mr. Kawakami, Jinichi , who was the 21st head of Koga - Ninjutsu school and famous as " The last Ninja " of the world.
Kurondo shows the sword battles all around Japan and abroad sometimes in amusing ways and at other times seriously. Further, Kurondo has ninja classes and teaches ordinary people ninjutsu. Perhaps, Kurondo may visit your country someday.


The Ninja show by Kurondo


Mr. Kawakami, Jinichi


The Musashi - clan

In Tokyo, there is a ninja association conducted by descendants of real ninjas. Its name is " Musashi Ninja clan (•‘ ˆκ‘°) ". Their ancestors worked under the Tokugawa family, which were the shoguns in the Edo period. In this association, students can have varied experiences. Of course, ninjutsu and martial arts are taught there. Many weapons and craft objects are produced handmade there. If you live in and around Tokyo, you can have a good time joining the activities of this association. The URL is listed below.


Ninjutsu association in Osaka art college

In Osaka - the second biggest metropolis in Japan - students of an art college manage an unusual club dedicated to ninjas. It is a ninjutsu research association in Osaka art college but in this case, " research " does not necessarily mean " to study " . Members in this association just practice the ninja battle shows. Students create and arrange the stage for ninjutsu. This is the one and only club in any Japanese college that focuses on learning ninja shows.
Of course, students perform their shows in the college several times every years but not only that, they also do outside activities and sometimes appear on TV. They also act on stage in some towns or shopping streets for local promotions. Sometimes such activities become a part time job for the members. They make tools and weapons by themselves and deal with the stagehand works like the music conduction or script writings. It seems like such a delightful association as outsiders of this club have a great interest in the members.


Specialty stores for ninja costumes

Just like ninjas, costume playing or cosplay as it is referred to is a boom on earth at present. Both ninja and cosplay are cultures that originated in Japan. Many people enjoy disguising themselves as a ninja and playing out the role in cosplay. You may think it is hard to prepare the costume and goods of a ninja, however there are at least three shops in Japan which specialize in ninja and samurai goods. One is located in Iga and itfs named Iga Ryu Ninja Ten. Here, you can buy anything related to ninjas from costumes to accessories. The second is in Kakegawa, in Shizuoka - Prefecture. The name of the shop is Yoroiya. Yoroiya is mainly for tools of period dramas so here, you can buy armor and weapons. The last shop is Shinobiya located in Osaka. In shinobiya, customers can not only buy many kinds of ninja goods, but also enjoy some events held by the shop.
Unfortunately, websites in English for these shops are not available so Ifve pasted the URLs and addresses of those shops with Japanese pages below.


Iga Ryu Ninja Ten






The official approval of Koga Ryu Ninja

In June 2014 in Koga city, the testing for Koga Ryu Ninja approvals took place. The promoter of this event was the Koga tourism association. The purpose of this project was for P.R for Koga city, as the birthplace of ninjas. If examinees passed this test, they would be accepted as ninjas by the association. In this year, the status of ninja has three ranks, which are the low, middle, and high. In total, 113 people aged from 11 to 79, both local and from outside the city gathered and took the test.
The first part was the written test. The testees were asked about the origins and history of ninjas, or the relationship between ninjas and daimyos in the Warring States period in accordance with the ranks. Next, they wore ninja costumes and took practical skills tests like throwing shurikens. Also, there were high class challenges where the students were given a theme and asked questions regarding how ninjas would have acted, one example was in the case of a castle ruins, they were asked" If you were a real ninja, how would you have raided this castle? ". They had to answer to the question by completing it as a report afterward.
Of the 113 participants, 64 passed with low class honours and 19 with middle class honours. The people who passed with high class honours will be published next month.
The representative of the association said, " I am glad that testees did the cosplay and I hope to dispatch various messages of Koga as the birthplace of ninjas to the world. I will work out many ninja events in the hopes of making Koga become even more famous through such tournaments.
It can be believed that Koga has more room for growth than Iga as a tourist resort of ninjas because compared to Iga, Koga is not developed enough yet.