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Ashura's Ninja Show

The special ninja show group "Ashura"

Today, ninjas are really famous all over the world and entertainment shows about ninja take place all over the world. But in almost all cases, unfortunately such shows are childish tricks. Even if they are just entertainment shows, there are few groups which attract people with orthodox ninjutsu.
But there is a ninja show team, that belongs to Iga - Ryu Ninja museum in Japan, and theyfre trying to spread the ninja culture to the world. Its name is " Ashura (C) " clan. Ashura is the demon of fighting in Buddhism, and the team Ashura clan pursues a real combat show day after day. Although it is true that shows of Ashura clan are entertainment, members use real weapons in their performances. Further, they do demonstrations 1500 times a year in Iga - which is the birthplace of ninjaa. Individuals of the Ashura clan risk their lives on the stage. Their shows are praised by all audiences for their speed, power, and technique. As the performances of Ashura clan has gotten the highest reputation from both inside of Japan and overseas, the Ashura clan has received many offers from several countries.
We are going to look at the activities of Ashura clan in detail.

The members of Ashura clan

All members of Ashura clan

All the members of the Ashura clan

Just as real ninjutsu is passed down the line from generation to generation, the Ashura clan consists of a father, his eldest son and his second son. The father is Hanzo, who is the leader of the Ashura clan and good at using swords, sickles, and shurikens. The eldest son of Hanzo is Masanosuke, whose role is swords battle, producing tools, and the direction of shows. He received a special ninjutsu education for the gifted from Hanzo from 5 years old. The second son is Tomonosuke whose speciality is Shuriken - Jutsu, the art of disguise, and martial arts. He also received a special ninjutsu education from Hanzo from 5 years old. The merit of Tomonosuke is that he wears both the orthodox Iga ninjutsu and sacred music, dance and acrobat of Iga so his performance seems very elegant and technical. There are two female ninjas, kunoichi in the Ashura-clan. One is Mio, who is good at acrobatics and the blowgun. After graduation from a Women's physical education college she joined the Ashura clan. The other is Yuka, she is reputed as an active and beautiful Kunoichi.

The speciality of Ashura on stage

The performance of Ashura on a stage

The performance of Ashura

on a stage

The splendor of the stage by Ashura consists in the point that the Ashura clan expresses the world of ninjas and ninjutsu exhaustively. For instance, the weapons preserved in Iga - Ryu Ninja museum are about no less than 350 years old. The Ashura clan utilizes those real weapons in their show so audiences can understand how to use each weapon while enjoying the stage act. The weapons are wired garment, Shuriken, Kusari-Gama, sickles, Teppo, bows and arrows, blowgun, many kind of swords, Tekken, Kakute, Tekko-kagi, Shikomi-Zue Kaginawa, Amigasa, and so on.
Needless to say, the Ashura clan uses these real weapons on the stage. For instance, they actually throw real shurikens to their members and the receiver has to avoid it or a man slashes at his opponent with a real sword. Of course, the Ashura clan has to give an impressive performance and they certainly do, theyfre act is incredibly refined and has an atmosphere of desperation and is very real. The Ashura clan performs such martial arts demonstrations 1,500 times in a year! I guess you can understand how amazing it is when you consider that.
Further to this, members of Ashura instruct members of the audience on how to use shuriken after the show. If you have the opportunity to visit Japan, experiencing Ashura is highly recommended. It will certainly be an unforgettable experience. An action film of Ashura is below.

Ashura clan at the Japan EXPO in France

Ashura at France

Ashura at France

It is true that Ashura is the best ninja show group in the world. In 2012, all of the Ashura members were invited to France to the Japan EXPO and acted their performance right there. In France, ninjas and samurais have attracted people the most out of all Japanese culture. The main stage was prepared for Ashura. At that show, Ashura made three performances. According to the stereotype of French people, ninjafs images were as strong as superman and the group Ashura made a great performance and lived up to this feeling. In addition to this, French people have a big interest in oriental spiritual cultures like Zen (T) and meditation, so Ashura cast a spell and made symbolic signs with their fingers.
In another show, the theme was " the ordinary life of the ninja " . For that reason, Ashura rearranged their performance a little bit. For instance, they utilized their commodities as weapons, or when they were disguising themselves as monks, suddenly they took part in the battle. Not only due to their performance, but also thanks to the good job of the organizers like music conductors or directors, their show was a big success. In all sessions, overflowing audiences came to the hall that could fit 15,000 people and they were greatly pleased. All members of Ashura are so stoic that they neither drink nor smoke cigarettes until all of shows are completely over. The reason for this is because they have been injured before because of the looseness of the mind. At present, appearance requests from various countries have been rushing into Ashura but they are so busy that they refuse almost all of them.
Ashura members live a life everyday with the readiness of real ninjas.