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Before the multitude of ninjutsu dojos that exist today were established, there was one major dojo named Bujinkan (_). The grand master of Bujinkan is Mr. Hatsumi, Masaaki ( Ǐ). He is 34th successor of Togakushi-Ryu ninjutsu. Since childhood, Mr. Hatsumi has mastered various ancient martial arts and he is the head of nine martial arts schools. Mr. Hatsumi has more than 100 thousand disciples in the world.
His skills are so practical that public policemen and professional soldiers learn them from him. For instance, people can participate in gunfights with the techniques of learned in Bujinkan. Mr. Hatsumi and his ninjutsu and martial arts Dojo, Bujinkan are better known overseas than in Japan. If you want to learn about or become a pupil of Bujinkan, please refer to the URLs below.



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