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Ninjutsu at the present time

When the Warring States period finished, what became of ninjutsu? In the case of Shuriken- Jutsu, it was inserted into one of the " Bugei - juhappan (•Œ|\”ͺ”Κ) ", which were the 18 martial arts samurais had to master. I already described this fact in the article " Learn Shuriken-Jutsu at a ninja Dojo ". So how about the whole of ninjutsu? Ninjutsu was put into the shade.
In the Edo period, the demand of ninjutsu itself decreased so much because the Edo period was a peaceful age. Jobs for spies and ninjas then were limited to espionage and bodyguards. Ninjutsu barely continued to survive and only existed in places like Iga and Koga and some is still alive today. As ninjutsu has not been systematized by one organization like Kendo or Judo have, the state techniques are still varied for each school.
Well, in general what kind of techniques can we master in a ninja dojo at present? We are going to find out.


Ninjutsu at present

At first, what does ninjutsu mean? It is basically all skills that ninjas used. It included martial arts, information gathering skills, pharmacy, artistic accomplishments, strategy, magic and so on. We are inclined to think that ninjutsu is only about teaching ninja martial arts because that is all that can be found at ninja dojos. The reason for this is because of the economic situations of the people that attend. For many of the general citizens that go, just learning the martial arts was affordable.


Now, what kind of ninjutsu can we master at a ninja dojo presently?



The basis of ninjutsu

At first, as you know, the foundation of ninjutsu martial arts is acrobatics. Compared with other Japanese classical martial arts, like Jujutsu or Okinawa - Karate, the movement of ninjutsu is tricky and fast. Beginners must master break]falls and carriage as the base of ninjutsu. After that they learn free - handed martial arts. It is almost the same as classical Jujutsu but a little different from Jujutsu. It has specific movements and combinations of skills which Jujutsu does not have. Quite simply, ninjutsu is composed of skills that may surprise opponents.


Ninjutsu with weapons

Students advance to the next step of mastering the weapon techniques. First of all what we imagine as a standard weapon is the shuriken. If you hope to know about the details of shuriken and shuriken - jutsu, please refer to the articles " Shuriken(Ninja Star) " ," The Contest of Ninja Shuriken ", and " Learn Shuriken-Jutsu at Ninja Dojo " .
Next, disciples can master " Ninja sword " use. I already introduced about this topic too so please see the relevant page for more information. In almost all dojos, metal fake swords are used but in some dojos, swords with real blades are used according to the schools. Further, you can master kunai, kusari - gama, blow guns , bow and arrows, Tekken, Tekko-Kagi" and so on.
Generally speaking, the required length of time to master all of ninjutsu is about ten years, and if done quickly it takes at least five years.