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Shinnyu-Jutsu -How Ninjas invade hostile Territory-

The techniques for invading mansions

It is a matter of course that in the Warring States period in Japan, the security of every Daimyofs castle (喼) was really comprehensive. Castles were protected with a staunch defense in order to never let outsiders in. A ninja's mission was to invade the residences of enemies to get their targets. The techniques for raiding such places were systematized into " Shinnyu - Jutsu (Np) " .
First of all, what I can say is that generally speaking people cannot keep their concentration 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. No one is without weaknesses and understanding this was what ninjas did. Ninjas would take advantage of this fact. So how did ninjas invade residences and castles of enemies? Letfs find out.

The right timing for invading

Needless to say, ninjas would invade territories where people were. Ninjas would always aim in invade when they people were at a moment of weakness. It was said that there were eight most practical times to strike under shinnya - jutsu and they were as follows:


1. The morning after a wedding ceremony c At the wedding festival night, everyone drinks too much alcohol and enjoys a great time. So the next morning, people will be sleeping because of drunkenness and tiredness. Accordingly, it makes it easy for ninjas to invade the place.



2. The night when someone gets better from an illness c At that time, nurses are relieved from nursing and the sick person sleeps well because of the reassurance so everyone is off guard.


3. In the evening after a party c After a party, everyone will be sleeping with satisfaction and drunkenness except for the season of the tea harvest because Japanese green tea contains a lot of caffeine and keeps people up.


4. The night after manual labor c Inhabitants are generally so exhausted that they do not notice the sound of a ninja invading.


5. The night after two or three days after the death of someone c If someone dies, people around them fall into deep grief. Not only that, they must hold a funeral and give thanks to the people who came to the service. In those days, people were much more religious than now so they had to manage a lot of rituals. As a result, they would be exhausted. Here was a big chance for ninjas to invade the residence.


6. The night following an incident c If something happened like a fire or a break-in in the neighbourhood in the night, people wake up and go to see it but the next morning, they have to get up as usual and work. At night, they fall asleep deeply because of the lack of sleep then ninjas can invade very easily.


7. Windy and rainy nights c The target house rattles from the wind and rain so any that erases the sound of a ninja invading.


8. When some accidents happened in the area c like a fire or a quarrel. People go out of their houses to look at them. That is a great opportunity for ninjas to invade the residence. In such cases, ninjas sometimes create the trouble on purpose to make the chance. They might set fire to a neighboring house or ninjas themselves might fight with each other.

Using animals

Ninjas often utilized animals in order to invade mansions. As ninjas usually lived deep in nature, controlling animals was their speciality. For example, if ninjas threw reptiles like a snake or a frog into the maidfs room most certainly women would panic and make a great fuss. At that moment, ninjas could invade their target room leisurely.
In other cases, a ninja would disguise himself as a monkey-show man. Under such a trick, no one would be cautious about the ninja, he could walk around without being watched and get close to his objective. In this case, not only could he do that, the ninja could also make his monkey help his mission. Of course the monkey would be well trained by him. The monkey could get into narrow places where a man cannot enter. The ninja could make his monkey invade a residence and the monkey could take off the bar of a back door so that the ninja could invade very easily.
There was a problem for ninjas with watchdogs which prevented them from their invasion. If a dog barked, he couldnft invade the place but ninja were able to clear them by means of making them drink medicine to put them to sleep or make them smell a rotten earthworm and deprive them of their sense of smell.

Invasion by means of tools

Needless to say shinnyu-Jutsu included techniques on how to invade with tools. First of all, ninjas would dig the ground under the base of residences and arrive inside of the building. This work required ninjas to have a large amount of patience and required a large effort but ninjas were up to the task. In such cases, it is thought that the tools used to dig were farm implements and not " kunai (ꖳ) ". Kunai was maybe used for making peepholes and it is said that trained ninjas could break any kind of padlocks by using " kaiki (J ) " .
In the case of ninjas making a hole in a wall, kunai, " shikoro () " and " tsubokiri (ؐ) " were used. With these tools, ninjas couldnft make such big holes but it was OK because almost all ninjas were reasonably small and they had a technique of putting out their shoulder joints. For them, they could get through a hole as wide as their heads.
Further to this, nimble ninjas could make a hole in the ceiling of a residence and invade to inside.
Shinnyu-Jutsu was where ninjas were at their best, others tried to keep them out but ninjas knew too many tricks to keep them out.