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Ninja's secret Words

Spies confirming their companions in passwords

The password authorization system is the oldest and newest way to identify people. computers and websites that we use protect our personal information with passwords. In ancient times during war, people distinguished their comrades also through passwords. Naturally, this primitive system was utilized by ninjas too. There were a lot of password methods used by ninjas, letfs look at the basic ones.
Firstly, ninjas adopted words about nature as their codes. For instance, in hostile territory, if a ninja came across another ninja who seemed like a comrade, the ninja would say "mountain" to the other one. It would be OK if the other ninja answered "forest". In the case where the wrong password was given or he could not answer, I am going to leave it to your imagination how the situation ended. Ninjas used such kinds of combinations of words, for example like below " flower-fruit " , " sun-moon ", " sea-salt " , " valley-water " , " fire-smoke ". There were some coupling of words based on natural features and cultures of Japan like these, " (Mount) Fuji-snow " , " Tatami mat -frame " , " frog-well " , " tea-green ". If these combinations we learned by the enemy then such combinations would not be used. It was of vital importance that a ninja remember the codes because if they forgot them then it was very possible that one of their own comrades may attack them and try to kill them.

Using private words as codes

Ninjas often used jargon as cipher. Ninjas had specific jargon used in their own localities and they make full use of them. For example, ninjas from Iga (ˆÉ‰ê) never used the word "Iga". Instead, when they communicated with their comrades, they would say " I am from (Kuri) ". Here, an explanation is needed. In Japanese, chestnuts in burrs are called " Igaguri (Ÿ{ŒI) ". The word "Igaguri" includes " Iga (ˆÉ‰ê) ". Furthermore, in Japanese, chestnuts are called "Kuri ". At the same time, "Kuri" means the "Kuri (‹ã—¢) ". " ‹ã—¢ " indicates the distance nine " —¢ (Ri) ". One "Ri" is about 4 km, so "Kuri " shows about 36 Km. This is roughly the distance from Iga to Kyoto (‹ž“s), which had been the capital of Japan in the Warring States period. As ninjas left hardly any written records, many of private codes are lost today but it is thought that ninjas worked out lots of codes such as these.
"Tanka (’Z‰Ì) " which is a Japanese poetic form of thirty]one syllables, is often exploited. In a style of tanka, certain words are used in combination with specific proper names. For instance a place name " Yoshino (‹g–ì) " corresponds to "Hana (‰Ô) ", which means a flower in Japanese. Mt.Yoshino is known as the showplace of beautiful flowers. Similarly, " Asama (óŠÔ) " is tied up with "Kemuri (‰Œ) ". Kemuri is smoke in Japanese. Mt.Asama is famous for eruptions. As can be seen here, ninjas needed a good education and memory.



Ninja's secret Words
Mt. Asama and its smoke

Kamiyo - Moji

Japanese as a language is composed of three characters. They are " hiragana (‚Ђ炪‚È) ", " katakana (ƒJƒ^ƒJƒi) ", and "kanji (Š¿Žš) ". Kanji are chinese characters which spread to Japan about around the 5th and 6th centuries. Ancient Japanese people developed hiragana and katakana based on kanji around the 10th century but according to a certain opinion, ancient original Japanese letters had existed before kanji was introduced from China. These were called "kamiyo-moji (_‘㕶Žš) ". General academic theories refuse this view and man can prove neither the real existence nor the absence of kamiyo-moji. In accordance with a certain opinion, ninjas knew kamiyo-moji and used it as a code and actually the mysterious words that ninjas wrote can be found today. In this case the most persuadable theory is that it is true that ninjas used very distinctive characters but they were not kamiyo-moji, but something ninjas created themselves. Ninjas developed a lot of their original words. For instance, as the pre-modern Japanese language has 49 pronunciations, ninjas developed appropriate words which corresponded to each 49 letters by means of mixing many of kanjis. Of course on those days, no one but ninjas could read the words. It can be thought that ninjas would abandon their codes if it was learned that their enemies had deciphered their code.It was like the signals of baseball players. Something amazing is the memory and learning ability of ninjas who were able to master a large amount of codes.



Ninja's secret Words


Kamiyo-Moji (_‘㕶Žš)

Kuji - Goshinjutsu

You have probably seen such a scene in movies or anime where a ninja cornered by enemies casts a spell while making symbolic signs with his fingers. In almost all cases after that, the ninja used a mysterious ninjutsu (”Ep). On many occasions, the spell that the ninja was muttering iwa " Kuji - Goshinjutsu (‹ãŽšŒìgp) ". He was saying "Rin-Byo-To-Ja-Kai-Jin-Retsu-Zai-Zen (—ՁE•ºE“¬EŽÒEŠFEwE—ñEÝE‘O) ". These words are from the classics of Taoism (“¹‹³). The meaning is "One that fights to face the soldiers, stands in front of the column". This magic basically belonged to "Shugendo (CŒ±“¹) ", those that had continued the ancient Japanese religion and ascetics of Shugendo were called " Yamabushi (ŽR•š) ". As explained many times, Yamabushi is one of the ancestors of ninjas. Shugendo is a representative Japanese religion, that is to say the doctrine and service of Shugendo was something mixed with those of Buddhism, Taoism, and Shinto (_“¹). In short, Shugendo was a very scrambled religion. The same spell was used by esoteric Buddhism. " Kuji-Goshinjutsu " was originally the ritual for demanding divine protection but probably ninjas used these words for concentration and self-encouragement. Thereby they utilized many aspects of ninjutsu. Basically ninjas relied on self]reliance. All the results of their missions depended on only their abilities so they knew that they could really only depend on themselves and not Buddha or goddesses. Even when they were casting a religious spell, it was for pulling out the potential power of themselves from within.


Ninja's secret Words


" Kuji-Goshinjutsu (‹ãŽšŒìgp) " and its symbolic signs with fingers