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Sakuryaku-Jutsu -How Ninjas utilize Tactics-

To set tactics is orthodox in " Ninjutsu (Ep) "

You may think " ninjutsu (Ep) " is something that involves only physical actions but the meaning of a ninjafs existence consisted in the point of being victorious for their masters without choosing the means. Further to this, the essence of " ninjutsu (Ep) " existed in these two viewpoints. " Getting maximum achievement by means of minimum labor " and " Giving their enemy lies and depriving them of substance " so utilizing tactics in war was accepted in ninjutsu .
Well then, what kind of tactics did ninjas actually have? They were called " Sakuryaku-Jutsu (p) ", and moreover there were two types of tactics. One was " Toirino-Jutsu (̏p) ", this was something practiced within peaceful days, the second was " Chikairi-no-Jutsu (ߓ̏p) ", it was used in war.
We are going to see parts of " Toiri-no-Jutsu " first of all.

To let ninjas invade a hostile territory

It may seem that the missions of ninjas were almost always short term actions because they have an image of being active. Although the real character of ninjas is as a spy, we should consider that ninjas had to stay in a hostile areas for a long time. But then, the problem was who to send because it was certain that ninjas from hostile places also came into this country and they stayed and acted right there. Whoever was chosen among the ninjas, it would be soon known to the enemies so sometimes people who were able but not ninjas were selected. They were trained as ninjas and sent to such destinations.

The application of double agents

As this is emphasised in the art of war book by " Sun Tzu (q) ", double agents were very significant for the governance in spite of it being risky because only convenient and false information would be transmitted to enemies through them. Through such tactics, ninja masters could control their enemies however they liked. Double agent ninjas could be made by means of persuasion of the hostile ninjas whom ninja masters captured but in this case it was important not to be off guard because there was always the possibility that the double agent ninjas betrayed their ninja masters again. As a measure for the case, ninja masters signed a written oath or they gave them wives. If they had some children, their families themselves could be made hostages to ensure they never betrayed the ninja masters.
Ninja masters had other tactics to utilize hostile ninjas. Even if ninja masters found spies, they did not arrest the spy ninjas always. Ninja masters would pretend not to have been noticed that they were spies. At that time, ninja masters would leak the wrong information casually to them. Then, the hostile ninjas would bring it to their lords. If things went well, ninja masters could cheat their enemies.

To make use of spurious letters

Ninjas had tactics for " creating " traitors deliberately. What is more, ninjas could make vassals the betrayers. The way is that, first of all, ninjas forged fake letters which showed that a certain hostile statesman had been working with their lord. Secondly, ninjas invaded the residence of the minister and hid the letter in a specific place. After that, the ninja would carry out suspicious behavior in a town on purpose and he would be arrested by sentries. As a result of the torture, he would confess the name of his target as his mastermind. Naturally, his investigator would demand from him the proof of his plot. Then, the ninja would give the name of his target and talk about the existence of the spurious letter and sentries searched the house of the statesman by the order of the monarch of the country.
Then the proof would be found right there. Needless to say, the statesman would deny the conspiracy that the ninja had confessed to but it would be in vain because of the proof of the document. Moreover, it was so persuasive because the letter was found as a result of torture. In this way, the vassal and all of his relatives were removed.
As this tactic demanded even the life of a ninja, the effect was so great that the ninja could cause a huge amount of damage.

To disturb camps of enemies

From here, I will talk about " Chikairi-no-Jutsu (ߓ̏p) ", which is the tactics for making enemies confused in combat. First of all, the way to bother the march of enemies was introduced. In the Warring States period, if war happened and the troops of enemies began to march, it was easy to specify where they would camp at night because there were only a few roads on which a large army could go on and a few places for camping. Ninjas waited for the army to come and after their arrival immediately ninjas begin to raid the soldiers by setting fire, plundering and spreading rumours. Ninjas could deprive them of strength and energy for the battle.
There were other similar tactics. The troops needed cooperation from local farmers for the night camp. Ninjas disguised themselves as farmers in advance and ninjas disturbed the army or ninjas tempted bad]natured soldiers and assaulted the farmers houses with them and plundered something precious from the farmers. Then, the villagers would hate the army and they would never cooperate with them. As a result, the soldiers couldnft get enough food and sleep. It created a big influence on the battle the next day. It can be said that the action of ninjas achieved enough from their actions.



Sakuryaku-Jutsu  -How Ninjas utilize Tactics-


A march of Samurais ()

To assault troops just before their departure

At last, I am going to tell you about the tactics of raiding soldiers immediately before the sort. Troops gathered in the castle of their lord and waited for a signal to charge with high morale and this was a great opportunity for ninjas to raid them as they were filled with fighting spirit, it seemed impossible that they themselves could be attacked by enemies right there and then. In addition, they were busy with preparations to go and the guard the castle so their formations were loose because lots of men were doing lots of tasks. Further to this, if the main force was already gone, it would be easy to disturb the inside of the castle.
If ninjas succeeded in setting fire to the castle and it was burned out, a great mental damage would be done to the enemies because it meant that they lost their home to go back to. We can imagine easily that their morale decreased so much from such actions.
As can be seen here, the tactics of ninjas were always something that assaulted the blind spots of a human's mind.


Sakuryaku-Jutsu  -How Ninjas utilize Tactics-


Samurais, just before going into battle



Sakuryaku-Jutsu  -How Ninjas utilize Tactics-


A burning castle