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Ninja's lighter and pocket heater "hidane"

" Hidane (Ύ) " is also one of the " shinobi-rokugu (EјZ) " , which are the 6 necessities of ninjas like kaginawa. In Japanese, " Hi () " means fire, " Tane () " is "source" . As ninjas are a specialist of fire, firearms, and guns, they need burning fire anytime and anywhere. Sometimes it may be too late if ninjas make fire when needed. There are some ninja tools with the function of hidane. Here, I am going to introduce " Dobi () " .
Dobi is one of the hidane, which is a wood pipe with a length of about 150-300 mm. In the dobi, some solid fuel is set. They were several types used, like the grain of hemp, paper, matchsticks, and so on. The fuel can keep burning amazingly for 12 hours. Inside of a Dobi, iron wire was stretched to prevent the burning fuel from coming out of the pipe so ninjas didnft have to worry about the fire catching on their clothing. Dobi had a hole for an air vent so that the contents would continue to burn therefore ninjas could get fire anytime and anywhere they wanted.
Not only that, dobi were able to act as a portable body warmer. For ninjas it must have been very helpful because ninjas needed to use their hands for everything. If their fingers got numb from the cold, ninjas couldnft accomplish the work. Hidance were very useful for ninjas on a number of levels. For instance, setting fires on hostile residences was one of their activities. When doing this, ninjas couldnft take a lot of time making a fire so a ready to go fire which came in the form of the hidane was very convenient. In addition to this, in the case of meals, fire is of course indispensable. Basically ninjas could eat anything, even raw food like live snakes and frogs. But there must have been occasions where eating heated food was preferable. In such situations, hidane came in extremely useful.
Hidane was a wonderful Japanese invention, similar equipment couldnft be found in contemporary Europe.