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Needle(For Hits on Fatal Spots of Targets)

Ninja hits onto Fatal Spot of Target with Needle

The key characteristic of ninja weapons is that there is little difference between them and regular tools. This is true for both the shape and function. Ninjas utilize weapons and tools according to the circumstances they’re used in. There are some ninja weapons whose forms are like a needle. We are going to see them from such a view. In pre-modern Japan, women usually wore an ornamental hairpin called " a kanzashi ( かんざし ) " on their heads. The length of a kanzashi was about 160 mm, and the weight was around 25 g. Needless to say, kanzashi themselves were not weapons. Ninjas would sharpen the head of a kanzashi and use them as weapons. They would end up as sharp as a needle and of course ninjas could kill a target with a kanzashi. No one would think anything of a woman wearing a kanzashi on their heads. Female ninjas (kunoichi in Japanese) took advantage of blind spots. These ninjas were familiar with the fatal spots of humans and were able to kill by using kanzashi as a needle when applied to these spots. When used in this manner, only a tiny amount of power was needed to kill an enemy and kunichi could even kill a man. Ninjas always carried needles. Kanzashi were not only limited to use as a needle as they could be used as a dangerous weapon and therefore offered ninjas various ways of being used.
For instance, when their cloth was torn, needles could be used for sewing. Further to this, ninjas were well educated about acupuncture. Whenever ninjas were wounded or got sick on their mission, they would apply the needles on the acupuncture points of their own bodies to recover. Ninjas would also use clamps too ( Kasugai かすがい ). Kasugai are needles with both ends bent vertically. They were also used for many purposes by ninjas. One example is keeping a door open. Also, when ninjas climbed on castle walls, kasugai could be used as supports. Naturally kasugai were able to be used as weapons also. Ninjas could be used to cut the carotid artery of their enemy with a kasugai and kill them. Even a small needle could be used as a fatal weapon when used by ninjas.