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Nigiri-Teppo(Handy Ninja Guns)

The amazing handy gun of the ninja " Nigiri-Teppou "

Nigiri-Teppo(Ninja Hand Gun)


Matchlocks were introduced to Japan from the Western-World in 1543. After that, while independent of Europe the Japanese people invented a handgun for themselves. Further to this, ninjas created handy guns as secret weapons called " Nigiri-Teppo (SC) ". Generally speaking, the construction of a gun is quite simple. In order to make a gun, there are two essential items needed, a barrel and an ignition device. It is OK as long as they are tough and functional.
The form of the gun is not important, only the function is. For this reason, Ninjas created portable, one shot guns that were called Nigiri-Teppo. The barrel of Nigiri-Teppou was called " Yatate () ", which was an inkstone for brushes to be stored in. Ninjas would bring a Nigiri-Teppo camouflaging it as a yatate. Another form of camouflage was to use use a short sword as the barrel of a Nigiri-Teppo. This these on them, the ninja could conceal a gun as it would be viewed as just a short sword. The weight of nigiri-teppo was about 250-350g and the length was 160-180mm. Gunpowder would be jammed in the bottom of a barrel, and a handle was attached on the barrel. Of course only one bullet was set in the barrel. By grasping the handle strongly, the gunpowder was compressed and exploded and the bullet was fired. Certainly, a ninja was able to handle nigiri-teppo with only one hand. It is believed that the accuracy of Nigiri-Teppo was not so good over long distances, but in the short and middle range, it was supposed to have been quite powerful and effective.
The main purpose of Nigiri-Teppo is believed to have been for assassinations. But it is also believed that Nigiri-Teppou could be used for intimidation or deceiving enemies by making them think that gun corps were close by.
Guns which look like Nigiri-Teppo were invented in Western-World in the 19th century and they are called " Palm Pistol " . It is amazing that Ninjas created such guns 300 years earlier than western people.