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Samurai Sword

The swords considered to be those used by ninjas are quite specific. Firstly, compared with those of samurais, they are straight and short. The length of the blade is about 540 mm. On the other hand, samurais swords have a curve on the blade for sharpness and the length of the blade is about 700 mm. It is believed that the reason why ninjafs swords have these characteristics is for various functions of use. The existence of ninjas swords during early times is unclear. Of course it is absolutely true that ninjas used specific swords for their missions. However, the swords considered to be ninjafs swords that remain today were all made in the Edo-period. Real Ninja swords that were used during the warring states period much before the edo period have not been found.
I am going to list some questions and hypotheses about ninja swords. Ninjas wanted their identities to remain a mystery so it would be the ultimate failure to be identified. For this reason, would a ninja carry a sword with characteristics that showed their real identity? Certainly not. samurai's were the opposite, their swords carried swords that showed to which clan they were a part of. The Edo-period was the age when ninjas were reduced to lower samurais. So it can be believed that ruined ninjas created the swords which made them remember that they had been ninjas for their remembered glory and pride. So the swords that we believe as real ninja swords may be such things. But even if so, the swords that belonged to ninjas in the Warring States period are not probably so different from the ninja swords we have today.
I am going to introduce the functions of ninjas swords under the assumption that the swords we have today are those that were used by them.

The functions of ninja swords

Ninja sword function1 -surmounting the wall-

Ninja sword function1

(surmount the wall)

Ninja sword function1 -let enemy fall down-

Ninja sword function2

(trip an enemy)

As described before, ninjafs swords are shorter than those of samurais. This is for ease of use in a narrow space like in a room. Then inevitably the main purpose of using swords becomes " to stab " enemies, rather than " to slay " them . That is the reason why ninjas swords do not have a curve unlike samurai's swords. Furthermore, the function of ninja swords is not limited to just killing a person. A long strap about 3m in length is wound around the sword. And the handguard of a ninja sword is big and square. This is for surmounting a wall. At first, the ninja leans his sword against the wall, next, he holds the strap in his mouth. Then he puts his foot on the handguard of the sword and pushes himself to the top of the wall. Finally, he pulls up the sword with the strap allowing him to reach the top of the wall, only by jumping from his sword.
Actually, this strap works in various situations and not just for climbing up a wall. First of all, when a ninja is lurking in a room, he ties the corner of the strap at the entrance and stretches the rope across. When his enemy enters the room, the ninja is able to trip him up allowing the ninja to attack.
In a case where the ninja enters a dark room where his enemy is hiding, the ninja holds the strap on the sword in his mouth and holds the sword horizontally. Then he pulls his sword halfway out of the sheath and starts to walk around without making a sound. As soon as the top of the sheath touches something the ninja draws his sword and attacks. Further to this, the strap can be used as a bandage to stop the bleeding if he gets cut.
In this way, the speciality of ninjas swords is their ability to be used for a wide variety of applications and this is the key difference to samurai swords which were only used for slaying enemies.
One other interesting point is that ninja swords do not necessarily have the shape of a sword. Ninjas sometimes use a cane, in which the blade is hidden. Needless to say, this tool can be handled as an ordinary cane usually, but in an emergency, it can be a weapon. Further to this, the merit of this weapon is that it makes enemies unsuspecting. In this case, ninjas are disguised as weak people like old men, handicapped people, and wounded people. Then, ninjas could take advantage of unsuspecting enemies. In other instances, the item hidden in the cane is not necessarily a blade, but a spearhead, blinding ash or poison.
There is a ninjas weapon which looks like a pipe. It is a tobacco pipe, in which the blade is hidden or a fan that has a blade hidden inside it. Both of them are movable from the middle of their bodies. Half the pipe was a case so when one half of it was removed it would reveal a blade and thus turn it into a weapon. In this way, the true worth of Ninjafs weapons is applications where their enemies never suspect them.